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Wellness Marketplace Announces Partnership With Strain Genie

LAS VEGAS–()–Online CBD marketplace has partnered with Strain Genie to deliver detailed product recommendations to information-seeking shoppers, based on the latest genetic analysis technology.

Strain Genie’s personalized CBD health report is the latest offering from — an online CBD marketplace launched in August 2019 that offers an unparalleled shopping experience across 100+ brands, while also prioritizing laboratory testing, product vetting, and top-notch customer service. Strain Genie analyzes customers’ genetic data, collected through their own test kit or via popular DNA testing companies (Ancestry, 23andMe and others), to deliver an in-depth yet easily digestible report with product recommendations, dosage information and more.

“We created Strain Genie to help CBD users, regardless of their needs, avoid the ‘trial and error’ approach to find the best products and delivery methods to fit their needs. Partnering with a trusted global online marketplace like was a sure-fire way to make sure we could help as many consumers as possible to find the right CBD for their body and mind!” says Strain Genie founder, Nicco Reggente, PhD.

To take advantage of the new integration, shoppers can log into their accounts and either provide a DNA sample via Strain Genie’s convenient and easy-to-use mail-in test kit, or upload your data from a previously purchased third party genetic testing company (e.g. 23andMe, Ancestry, etc.) directly through A detailed report with product recommendations and links to purchase, is provided in as little as two hours.

About is the pinnacle of the online CBD purchasing experience. Their mission is to offer a vast selection of top CBD brands and products, vigorously pre-screened for quality, and lightning-fast shipping. also offers vendors and wholesalers unprecedented value by providing access to an established logistics and order fulfillment platform, helping them scale quickly and efficiently.

For more information on visit, call 1-888-CBD-7303 or email

About Strain Genie:

Strain Genie provides a genetic analysis service that looks at over 450 biomarkers to generate the world’s most comprehensive and personalized CBD Report. Strain Genie’s reports are filled with insights surrounding how a consumer’s body should metabolically respond to CBD and provide data-driven recommendations for other cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD products. The CBD Report contains information about an individual’s predisposition to a number of different conditions and connects consumers to cannabinoids, terpenes, and products that peer-reviewed literature has shown to be effective in supporting general wellness.


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