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Online knowledge sharing, including running webinars, has become more important than ever during the pandemic. You might want to run your own webinar, but have no idea where to start. Or you may just need a helping hand along the way, to help you get more leads and engagement.

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group is here to help you with our personalized webinar production and promotion service. With over ten years of experience, we will ensure your webinars run seamlessly throughout the whole process.

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Whether your webinar goals are education, thought-leadership or generating leads, we will work closely with you to create high engagement to ensure your webinar fits into your overall business strategy. That means you can focus on the quality content of your webinar, and leave the rest to us. Your business and goals are unique, so we will personalise all packages and quotes to support your individual needs.

As we our launching our services, we have a 50% discount for the first ten clients who download our presentation. 

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"It was a great pleasure having the incredible support of TPMG for the creation and sharing of our latest webinar. Not only have they been able to provide access and reach to a selected audience within the healthcare space, but their project management was really outstanding. The team gave useful suggestions throughout the process, with an obsessive attention to the tiniest detail which resulted in a high quality outcome."

Diego Casaravilla

CEO Fine Research

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