Webinar: The MSL Evolved


Of all the trends and transformations accelerated by the pandemic, the increasing importance and value of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is one of the most exciting.

MSLs must now be more strategic and proactive, engaging with scientific leaders how, when, and where they prefer. They need new skillsets in areas including emotional intelligence, communication, and digital capability. Supporting infrastructures, such as insights management, must also improve in parallel, helping decision-making through a more complete and accessible understanding of stakeholder’s needs.

Join industry experts on February 4 from Ashfield, Novartis, Eisai and Tris Pharma to hear how to develop the new skills required, and what wider infrastructure capabilities are needed to ensure MSLs can provide yet more HCP value.

Key learnings include:

  • Meet HCPs how, when, and where they prefer by identifying digital skills gaps and building MSL capability in new channels and digital-orientated content
  • Empower medical field teams to define new hybrid engagement strategies based on their customer expertise
  • Modernise insights management to ensure company decision-making is flexible and driven by the customer – how to create a tech infrastructure that harmonises data from varying sources

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Thank you Matthew Atkinson Global Project Director, Pharma Reuters Events for sharing this information.

Kind regards,

Lucy Muñiz
The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group