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VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. Launches VAXSYS Universal Enroller & VAXSYS Universal Screener Apps to Record and then Verify Individual COVID-19 Vaccination Status

LOS ANGELES–()–VAXSYS Technologies today introduces the VAXSYS System, an end-to-end, contact-free, COVID-19 vaccination enrollment and screening service. Available now to government, healthcare and other agencies, the VAXSYS UNIVERSAL ENROLLER App creates an individual’s VAXSYS account at the time and place of vaccination, allowing public and private entities to later use the VAXSYS UNIVERSAL SCREENER App to verify the individual’s vaccination history, prior to allowing access. Both the VAXSYS UNIVERSAL ENROLLER and UNIVERSAL SCREENER mobile apps are available now from the Google Play Store.

VAXSYS is the nation’s first secure, accurate and cost-effective COVID-19 vaccination tracking system, allowing businesses, offices, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, gyms and sports arenas to quickly and safely re-open for business by correctly verifying the vaccination status of each patron requesting entry. Utilizing advanced ID scanning and verification technologies from, the VAXSYS System leverages decades of proven authentication experience as it provides these mission-critical services.

“Downloadable to any Android smartphone, the VAXSYS Universal Enroller App requires no additional equipment or training to use,” said Moshe Meppen, CEO, VAXSYS Technologies. “It’s paperless, contact-free, mobile and ready for immediate deployment to vaccination sites of any size. Our introduction of the Universal Enroller and Screener Apps aligns seamlessly with the new U.S. Administration’s plans for the rapid expansion of COVID-19 vaccination sites across the nation.”

Denis Petrov, CEO of, added, “Utilizing’s Veriscan Technology, the VAXSYS Universal Enroller App creates a vaccination record containing the biographic information (name, address, date of birth etc.) as required by law, vaccine information, place, date, and time of vaccination. The VAXSYS Universal Enroller also ensures that, with a second COVID-19 vaccination, the vaccine utilized is correct, and that the person getting the second vaccination is the same person who received the first. Finally, the VAXSYS record is updated, encrypted and stored in a secure database (either one provided by VAXSYS, one specified by the vaccination site, or both).”

VAXSYS Senior VP, Chuck Archer, added, “The VAXSYS Universal Screener App offers a completely mobile, instant, and anonymous way to determine the vaccination status of anyone requiring access to public facilities, including office buildings, schools, restaurants, bars, and sports arenas. Screening is done by scanning the person’s ID (e.g., driver’s license), and comparing that with vaccination database records. The process is completely anonymous, as the screener sees no personal data, and status is indicated only by a red or green screen.”

A reporting system allows healthcare data and other authorized professionals to analyze aggregate usage on Local, Regional, State and Federal levels, by location or by facility type (e.g., restaurant, bar, gym, hotel). Use of these reports may also assist in overcoming vaccination hesitance.

Mr. Meppen continued, “VAXSYS Technologies set out to develop a low cost, mobile, contact-free, paperless system for enrolling, recording, and reporting at the vaccination sites; and then, through mobile, contactless and anonymous screening, allow businesses and other entities to re-open, faster and more safely. This has been done for every level of security from a coffee shop to the Pentagon.”

About VAXSYS Technologies, Inc.

Based in Calabasas, California, VAXSYS Technologies was founded by biometric and identification industry professionals, dedicated to helping society use simple and secure vaccination enrollment and screening technologies to help return us back to normal. By combining best-in-class ID scanning and verification capabilities, with our collective experience servicing large and complex government entities, VAXSYS provides a full suite of Apps that enable the end-to-end usage of vaccination data by vaccinators, and by the general public who need to screen people entering buildings or businesses.


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