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TumorCube, a New Unit within DiscoveryBioMed, Will Use 3D Biogel-based Platforms to Perform 384-Well Plate-based Bioassays and 3D Bioreactor-driven Studies to Discover, Validate and Profile Anti-cancer Therapeutics on Human Cancer Cells

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–()–DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. (DBM, announces a new unit of its contract research organization (CRO) services business called TumorCube that is formed based upon our growing expertise in 3D Biogel-driven bioassays on diseased and normal human cell platform technologies. A trademark application has been filed.

“DBM has a growing CRO services business in 3D Biogel-driven bioassays of diseased and normal human kidney cells. It is showcased prominently on our website, and we are proud to have many biotechnology companies and BioPharmaceutical organizations globally as our clients,” explained Dr. Erik Schwiebert, Ph.D., CEO of DBM. “We have now extended those offerings to include the assay of human urological cancers and endocrine-driven cancers such as ovarian cancers and breast cancers.” DBM is also assessing the feasibility of our 3D platforms for the assay of neurological and other cancers at present. DBM is utilizing existing human cancer cell lines in our initial technology optimization.

“Interestingly, diseased human kidney cells and existing human cancer cell lines respond differently to specific lead therapeutic drugs or industry standard anti-cancer drugs when grown in 3D versus the traditional 2D tissue culture plastic-based assays,” explained Dr. Deborah Mai, DBM’s Chief Biological Officer. “DBM focuses on more physiological 3D growth formats as its preferred assay platforms and methods.”

Not only does DBM wish to offer higher-throughput 3D assay platforms for hit-to-lead and lead oncology therapeutic profiling, DBM is optioning and licensing 3D bioreactor technology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) that was invented by Dr. Joel Berry, Ph.D. in the Department of Biomedical Engineering to be a future platform for our TumorCube unit. “It has been exciting to collaborate with DBM on this commercial-academic partnership, and we are also excited to see TumorCube realized,” declared Dr. Berry. “We and DBM are also collaborating with investigators within the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB on this platform development, which is an additional value add.”

DBM is also pleased about continuing its local collaboration with UAB. “DBM has several current and past UAB-derived scientists that have contributed to the establishment and growth of our life sciences and biotechnology company, myself included,” explained Dr. Grace Salzer, a Senior Scientist and Business Development specialist. “DBM is fortunate to be collaborating with UAB scientists and technology transfer on this venture.”

About DiscoveryBioMed, Inc. is in its 13th year of operation as a life sciences and biotechnology company focused on leveraging normal and diseased human cell platform technologies for its CRO services business and for its R&D programs. DBM and UAB are both located in Birmingham, AL where we seek a common goal of building a critical mass of biotechnology companies in a new hub of the Deep South.


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