Top 10 Most Important Advisor Questions

Today, I would like to share the top 10 most important advisor questions that every brand team should keep in mind when designing virtual advisory board touchpoints.

Top 10 advisor questions1. Advisor Questions on Unmet Needs

For example – what are the most important unmet needs of your advisors or their patients? What innovative resources, tools, or data would help to overcome these? What role, if any, can your company play in helping your advisors?

2. Key Attributes of Your Brand

What attributes of your product or brand are the most concerning to HCPs, payers, and patients? How can you mitigate those concerns? Which attributes do HCPs, payers, and patients appreciate the most? How can you leverage these key attributes?

3. Messaging and Branding

How are your value proposition, differentiation, messaging, and branding affecting your brand’s growth? What are you doing right and what should you do differently?

4. Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Product

Which practical considerations or product monograph specifics pose limitations to your brand and which can you positively leverage to differentiate your product from its competitors? How can you overcome the potential limitations in the short- and long-term?

5. Placement of Your Product in the Current and Future Treatment Algorithm

Treatment Pathway ProfilingWhat are the current and potential places of your product in the treatment algorithm for specific patient populations? What factors (e.g. demographic, clinical, and regulatory/reimbursement factors, new data, or loss of exclusivity) may affect this?

6. Advisor Questions on Potential Data or Knowledge Gaps

What are some potential gaps or barriers in terms of scientific data (clinical and/or real-world evidence), regulations and reimbursement, patient/HCP education etc., related to your brand and its competitors? Once barriers are identified, what are some specific strategies for overcoming these?

7. Advisor Questions on Tailored Marketing

How can you tailor your marketing strategies to specific HCP groups, patient populations, countries, or regions? What key data or product attributes should you highlight to which population? What considerations should you keep in mind when marketing your product in certain regions?

8. Advisor Questions on the Impact of New Data

What is the clinical impact of new studies, recent data presented at key conferences, or updated society guidelines related to your product and its competitors? Which data should you leverage, and what are the best way of disseminating the data to relevant stakeholders?

9. Local or National Regulatory Issues

Are there any regulatory, pricing, or market access issues that are affecting your brand in specific markets? How can you overcome these? What are the logistics and considerations for entering a new mature or emerging market?

10. Patient Empowerment, Education, and Support

Large group of patientsWhat steps are needed to ensure a patient-centric approach to drug development and treatment? What are the major pain points for patients throughout the patient journey? How can encouraging patient empowerment impact the patient journey? Is there a need for new or revised patient education materials? If yes, what are some key points to include? Are the patients receiving adequate support? Further, would it make sense to seek insights not only from HCPs but also straight from patients?

I hope this has given you some food for thought – stay tuned for more top 10 lists on how to optimize stakeholder engagements.

About the author: Natalie Yeadon

Impetus Digital Co-Owner/Managing Director

Natalie worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 18 years in a variety of sales, marketing, and early brand commercialization management roles. Currently, she is the Co-owner and Managing Director of Impetus Digital where she dedicates her time to helping life science companies create sustained and authentic relationships with their key customers through Impetus’ cutting-edge online collaboration platform, the Impetus InSite Platform®.


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