The Vanguard Vaccination Project Features Chris Kocher and Conversations with COVID Survivors to Provide Insights on how Businesses and Communities can Best Support those Impacted by COVID-19

The Vanguard Network and Global Vaccination Advisors Release Turnkey Toolkit on Overcoming Vaccine Resistance and Hesitancy


New York, NY (8/4/2021) —  Chris Kocher, founder of COVID-19 Survivors for Change, Veronica Ahumada and Whitney Parker, both members of the organization, join The Vanguard Network Principal, Ken Banta on The Vanguard Vaccination Project in an honest look at the lives of COVID-19 survivors and how business leaders can best support them.

The Vanguard Vaccination project is a toolkit that includes short videos, podcasts, articles, and helpful tools, such as information on how best to communicate the vaccine imperative to your workforce based on their underlying attitudes towards vaccination. All of the materials can be found here.

“Business and community leaders are critical to protecting our society from Covid,” said Ken Banta, Founder and Principal of the Vanguard Network. “We gathered powerful stories from business leaders and reached out to our extensive network of experts in epidemiology, ethics and public health, and assembles these resources,” he said.

“These resources are free and we encourage all business and community leaders to use them to encourage vaccination and correct the misinformation that is all too common,” said Glenna Crooks, Ph.D., Principal of Global Vaccination Advisors.

Episode 2 features Kocher, Ahumada, and Parker who share their personal stories of loss from COVID-19, highlighting the human experience of the disease.

Business leaders can help, according to Kocher, by recognizing their employees that have struggled with the disease and maybe even lost someone to it. “I hope leaders recognize they have a unique role to play the policies that they craft,” Kocher advocates for sound health policies such as continued mask-wearing and a vaccine requirement. But most importantly, “The best way we can honor the lives that have been lost is to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”


The Vanguard Vaccination Project 

Safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines are available and increasingly accessible, but vaccine hesitancy and resistance are profound barriers to achieving herd immunity. Without herd immunity, we will face resurgences of the disease, causing social, educational, travel, workforce productivity, and economic disruptions. Leaders of companies and organizations across the country can play an important role in encouraging vaccinations within their organizations and communities. The Vanguard Network, in collaboration with Global Vaccination Advisors, will help by assembling and curating materials from top experts including ethicist Dr. Art Caplan, minority health champion Dr. Felix Nunez and anthropologist Dr. Heidi Larson.


Ken Banta 

Ken is a top management advisor who works with CEOs and senior executives on leadership, organizational transformation, and corporate positioning. Ken has helped to lead eleven successful global transformations and turnarounds and has advised on many more. He writes regularly for HBR and is a Contributing Author of “HBR’s 10 Must Reads for CEOs.”


Glenna Crooks

Glenna is Co-Founder and Partner in Global Vaccination Advisors, dedicated to maximizing COVID vaccination globally. She brings over four decades of public health, vaccine, and policy experience globally to The Vanguard Vaccination Project. In addition, she is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc., and the first civilian to have been awarded The Surgeon General’s Medallion for her contributions to public health.


Sherry Fox

Sherry is Co-Founder and Partner in Global Vaccination Advisors, dedicated to maximizing COVID vaccination globally.  She brings over four decades of insights expertise to The Vanguard Vaccination Project, to help organizations understand the underlying attitudinal and emotional drivers and barriers to vaccination. In addition, she is the Founder and CEO of FutureHealth Strategies, a consultancy leveraging the intersection of data, insights, and technology to transform the future of healthcare.



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