The path to market for digital health solutions


Pharma’s approach to digital healthcare products is maturing. The era of experimental pilot apps is being replaced with a more sophisticated and strategic approach. Pharma firms are now looking to align digital health products with their core product portfolios with a view to achieving meaningful scale and with it, significant clinical and commercial impact.

But it’s still early days. Many companies are still on a steep learning curve about the particular challenges and complexities of getting a digital health product to market, not least among them the regulatory and legal ones.

In Reuters Events’ latest white paper “Pharma path to market for digital health solutions” we’ve spoken with a range of digital health leaders from Novo Nordisk, Almirall, S3 Connected Health, Roche, Pfizer, and more to collate lessons learned and strategic insights which will pave the way for your success.

You can download a copy of the white paper here.

Here’s a selection of the digital health leaders who you can learn from:

  • Catherine Aung, Head, Global Innovation Lab, Ferring
  • David Kuperstein, Marketing Lead, Rare Disease North America Inline Brands, Pfizer
  • Anders Dhyr Toft, Corporate Vice President of Commercial Innovation for Digital Health, Patient Support Programmes, Device Strategy & Marketing, Novo Nordisk
  • Mike Baker, PHC Product Team Leader, Personalised Healthcare & Patient Access, Roche
  • Céline Ulmann, Head of R&D Digital, Almirall
  • James O’Riordan, Chief Technology Officer, S3 Connected Health

Thank you Izzy Gladstone VP Marketing, Pharma Reuters Events for sharing this information! You can contact her at

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