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Sensiva Health Receives Caribbean Public Health Agency Emergency Use Authorization For Its Sensiva C19™ COVID-19 Test

NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sensiva Health, LLC, a premier developer and supplier of COVID-19 tests, today announced the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) – which represents some 24 Caribbean member states – has authorized its Sensiva C19™ RT-PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) Molecular COVID-19 Test for use throughout the Caribbean region.

Authorized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in July for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) under Sensiva’s affiliate lab Cormeum Lab Services, Sensiva C19™ is a gold standard real-time multi-method collection test with 100 percent specificity and sensitivity, offering next-day risk of exposure information. With CARPHA’s EUA now officially in place, Sensiva C19™ will be widely available for fast, accurate COVID-19 testing throughout the Caribbean, enabling healthcare providers to respond more rapidly to patients’ health needs during the current health crisis.

“As members of the global healthcare community, we’re excited to receive CARPHA’s emergency use authorization,” said Dave Vigerust, MS, Ph.D., and Sensiva’s chief scientific & compliance officer. “It’s an honor to be chosen and we’re looking forward to helping Caribbean residents get back to work and back to life.”

Based on the most powerful technique and tool in molecular biology, PCR has proven to be the most reliable COVID-19 testing method. Using enzymes sourced from heat-stable bacteria to replicate DNA/RNA, Sensiva utilizes the latest technology platforms to perform this highly specific and reliable process, which results in rapid and highly accurate reproduction of DNA/RNA molecules in its laboratory.

Sensiva can provide Caribbean healthcare providers with risk exposure information and guidance immediately after results are received via an online report, or by phone through Sensiva’s proprietary mobile application. While both clearly explain the test results, a team of telemedicine professionals will also be available to answer questions via live chat, email, or phone support.

About Sensiva Health, LLC:

Sensiva Health, LLC offers a variety of direct COVID-19 lab tests for informational and educational use. Sensiva’s team is made up of doctors, lab directors, technology officers, infectious disease specialists, medical directors, and more, committed to using real-time PCR+Antigen/Antibody COVID-19 testing and proprietary advanced scientific modeling to safely get America back to normalcy. To learn more about Sensiva and its comprehensive COVID-19 testing solutions, please visit


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