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Recordati Rare Diseases Announces William Ludlam, MD, PhD, As New Chief Medical Officer and Vice President – Clinical Development

LEBANON, N.J.–()–Recordati Rare Diseases Inc. (RRD), a biopharmaceutical company committed to providing often-overlooked orphan therapies to underserved rare disease communities in the United States and Canada, is pleased to welcome William Ludlam, MD, PhD, in the role of Chief Medical Officer and Vice President – Clinical Development.

In this role, Dr. Ludlam will develop and manage RRD’s US and Canadian portfolio, partnering with the medical and scientific community to increase disease awareness, improve diagnosis, and expand the availability of the company’s rare disease products. He will ensure compliance with appropriate regulatory and medical health requirements.

“Dr. Ludlam has an impressive mix of both medical affairs and clinical development experience working with orphan drugs in all phases of late-stage clinical development, regulatory filings, market preparation and support, and successful product launches,” said RRD US President and General Manager Michael Waters. “He provides a strong fit for supporting RRD’s current metabolic and endocrinology product portfolios and orphan group development pipeline.”

Earning his MD and PhD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Ludlam also completed an internal medicine residency and endocrinology fellowship. In his early experience as medical director, he established two pituitary disease treatment centers where he actively treated patients with Cushing’s disease and acromegaly. Upon shifting to industry, he served at Novartis in the role of senior medical director, pituitary disorders, US oncology clinical development and medical affairs for the company’s rare disease business. In his most recent position with Chiasma as senior vice president of clinical development and medical affairs, Dr. Ludlam was essential to FDA’s approval of the first oral octreotide for acromegaly treatment. He has served as principal investigator in numerous clinical trials and is published extensively in endocrinology.

“In this role at Recordati Rare Disease, I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the committed individuals across medical and scientific communities who are intent on improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from rare diseases,” said Dr. Ludlam “I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure heightened awareness of these conditions, spur earlier identification and treatment, and broaden access to Recordati’s robust portfolio of therapeutic options.”

About Recordati Rare Diseases Inc.

Recordati Rare Diseases Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company committed to providing often-overlooked orphan therapies to the underserved rare disease communities of the United States and Canada. Recordati Rare Diseases is a part of the Recordati Group, a public international specialty pharmaceutical company committed to the research and development of new specialties with a focus on treatments for rare diseases.

Recordati Rare Diseases’ mission is to reduce the impact of extremely rare and devastating diseases by providing urgently needed therapies. We work side-by-side with rare disease communities to increase awareness, improve diagnosis and expand availability of treatments for people with rare diseases.

The company’s U.S. corporate headquarters is located in Lebanon, NJ, with global headquarter offices located in Milan, Italy.

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