Phenovista Appoints Ellen Berg, PhD, an Expert in the Mechanisms of Drug and Disease Biology and Cell-Based Assays, to its Scientific Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO–()–Phenovista, a life sciences services company developing and implementing multiplexed, high content imaging-based phenotypic assays for target validation, lead optimization, and mechanism of action studies, today announced the appointment of Ellen Berg, PhD to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Berg is the Founder of Alto Predict and is an expert in human cell-based in vitro assays and platforms for drug discovery and chemical safety applications.

“We are thrilled to announce that Ellen is joining our Scientific Advisory Board,” said James Evans, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Phenovista. “She has an unmatched combination of experience in phenotypic assay development and the use of multivariate profiling to model mechanisms of action and target engagement. We look forward to her expert counsel as we continue to expand our capabilities in these areas.”

Dr. Berg is a recognized leader in assay development, mechanisms of drug and disease biology, and research data management. She has a background in biopharmaceutical research and drug discovery contract research services with startup, operations, and commercialization experience. Her research interests include mechanisms of human disease biology and drug action, predictive toxicology, and research information science, including AI/ML approaches and data visualization. She works to promote FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data) and the use of human-based alternatives to animals, or NAMs (Novel Alternative Methods), in biomedical research and product development. Dr. Berg received her PhD in chemistry and biology from Northwestern University.

“I have always been impressed with Phenovista’s ability to provide customers with novel biological insights and the high-quality data needed to guide, accelerate, and de-risk R&D decisions,” said Dr. Berg. “I’m excited to join their Scientific Advisory Board and work closely with the team as they continue to build upon their leadership position in the area of high-plex, high-content phenotypic assays services.”

About Phenovista

Founded in 2014, Phenovista is a leader in the development and implementation of multiplexed, high content imaging-based phenotypic assays for biopharmaceutical clients. These assays deliver the high-quality, quantitative data needed to inform and de-risk critical R&D decisions with greater confidence. Clients gain access to novel insights related to the complex biology underlying target validation, therapeutic delivery, efficacy and safety, cytotoxicity, and mechanisms of action, increasing the likelihood of success of first-in-class drug candidates.


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