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Optime Care Offers Patient-First Humatin Total Care Program, Maximizes Therapeutic Benefits of Humatin™ for Hepatic Encephalopathy

EARTH CITY, Mo.–()–Optime Care, a nationally recognized pharmacy, distribution and patient management organization maximizing therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of orphan and rare disorders, announces the availability of Humatin™ (paromomycin sulfate) exclusively through Humatin Total Care. This patient-first drug management program optimizes the benefits of Humatin for patients with hepatic encephalopathy (also known as hepatic coma or hepatic stupor), a frequently temporary nervous system disorder caused by severe liver disease that is more common in Hispanics than non-Hispanics.

Download the provider toolkit here.

“When the liver fails to function properly, toxins build up in the blood, which can then move to the brain and affect brain function, leading cognitive impairment or, in some patients, coma,” says Donovan Quill, president and CEO, Optime Care. “Humatin Total Care enables physicians to maximize the therapeutic opportunity for treating hepatic encephalopathy. Patients benefit because our dedicated coordinator works with insurance companies to verify coverage and reimbursement benefits, provide access to financial assistance and arrange drug delivery.”

Up to 50% of people with cirrhosis of the liver eventually develop symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy. Blood tests can identify problems, such as infections and bleeding associated with liver disease. In the most severe form of hepatic encephalopathy, affected individuals may develop marked confusion or disorientation, amnesia, stupor or coma. Treatments, including Humatin as an adjunctive therapy, can rid the body of toxins and reverse this temporary condition.

Quill concludes, “As part of our patient-first focus, Humatin Total Care helps every stakeholder group impacted by this disease.”

To schedule a lunch and learn, contact Humatin Total Care Team at 1-844-486-2846.

About Optime Care

Optime Care, Inc. is a nationally recognized pharmacy, distribution and patient management organization offering a suite of comprehensive services tailored to maximize the therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of orphan and rare disorders. Our management team has previously partnered in the launch and management of more than 40 orphan products and programs and consistently implemented the best brand programs for the community. Our experience with small patient populations makes us uniquely qualified to help every stakeholder group impacted by these disorders. Optime Care has dual-accreditation from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) for compliance with specialty pharmacy and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for specialty pharmacy services that demonstrate a commitment to providing quality care and services to consumers.


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