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Nanox Signs Agreement With Hadassah Medical Organization for the Development of Novel Early-detection Protocols for the Nanox.ARC

NEW YORK–()–NANO-X IMAGING LTD ( (“Nanox” or the “Company”), an innovative medical-imaging technology company, announces today a partnership agreement with the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, to use the Nanox ARC system on site for developing novel early-detection and screening protocols to promote global preventive healthcare practices. The two parties signed the agreement in September 2019, and now formally begin the collaboration program.
Hadassah and its world-class medical facilities and staff were Nanox’s first choice for whom to collaborate with on innovative life-saving medical imaging procedures via full-body scans. The scans will be delivered globally to increase accessibility to medical imaging for all socio-economic levels.

According to Marshfield Clinic System Foundation, cancer patients have a 70 – 99 percent survival rate when the disease is detected at early stages of development using medical imaging systems such as CT scanners and others. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about two thirds of the world’s population has no access to medical imaging systems at all, while the rest of the world faces long waiting times of weeks or even months for both screening appointments as well as diagnostics results.

“Hadassah treats one million patients a year regardless of race, religion, or nationality, and it is that same spirit of compassion and medical democratization that we see in Nanox,” says Erez Meltzer, Chairman of the Hadassah Medical Organization. “Nanox’s scientific promise is profound, but more importantly, so are the possible life-saving implications of making professional X-Ray scanners at a fraction of the cost and at a similar quality of medical imaging currently available at Hadassah.”

“I am incredibly proud to join the Hadassah family,” says Ran Poliakine, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanox. “Over $1 billion and 15 years of development have been invested in revolutionizing the X-Ray source that enables medical imaging at a fraction of the current cost and making it finally available to everyone, anywhere. We need highly professional and inspirational partners like Hadassah to turn such revolutionary ideas into action. Hadassah’s long-standing dedication to equality of medical care, as well as its continued investments pushing that ideal forward, is a model I unabashedly intend to mirror.”

“Hadassah’s partnership with Nanox via its technology transfer company Hadasit is quite exciting,” says Dr. Tamar Raz, CEO of Hadasit . “The dearth of quality medical imaging around the world is as significant as it is deadly, but we believe the causes can be solved through our commitment and innovation.”

About Nanox:

Nanox, founded by the serial entrepreneur Ran Poliakine, is an Israeli corporation that is developing a commercial-grade digital X-ray source designed to be used in real-world medical imaging applications. Nanox believes that its novel technology could significantly reduce the costs of medical imaging systems and plans to seek collaborations with world-leading healthcare organizations and companies to provide affordable, early detection imaging service for all. For more information, please visit

About Hadassah Hospital:

For more than a century, Hadassah has set the standard of excellence for medical care and research in Israel. Hadassah practices translational medicine, combining state-of-the-art medical and surgical care with top-level interdisciplinary research and development activity. Through Hadasit, its technology transfer company , Haddassah transform the cutting-edge research into marketable medical technologies ground-breaking ideas into viable products and services that can change the world


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