Medical affairs & social media: a brave new world


It’s no secret that HCPs are increasingly using social media as a viable and trusted channel to share opinions, dispel misinformation and advance their medical understanding. For pharma, this means emerging Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) and social forums are a new opportunity to forge authentic online engagements. Yet many organisations still avoid social channels because of a lack of skill or know-how to engage effectively in a compliant way.

Medical Affairs teams have a great opportunity to increase their involvement in the scientific exchange that’s taking place across social media platforms – or risk becoming permanently placed on mute. Learn how to engage with HCPs using social media in our latest webinar Medical affairs & social media: a brave new world on Wednesday 29 April at 15:00 BST /16:00 CET.

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You will learn best practice on how to:

  • Successfully engage HCPs on social media by understanding their behavior and preferences
  • Create partnerships with digital opinion leaders to improve the reach and credibility of your messaging on social channels
  • Establish meaningful relationships with your HCPs through authentic online engagement and education
  • Understand the role of your field team in social engagement as part of their multichannel engagement strategy.

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