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Mawi DNA Technologies Announces Partnership With Nucleus Biotech

HAYWARD, Calif.–()–Mawi DNA Technologies has signed a distribution agreement with Nucleus Biotech to deliver Mawi’s iSWAB biosampling technologies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“Nucleus Biotech has a strong and complementary portfolio to Mawi’s and is located in a key European biotech hub. Expanding our international presence is a key strategic component of Mawi’s next phase of growth,” says Jerome David, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mawi DNA Technologies. “We believe partnering with Nucleus Biotech will help us achieve this objective.”

“With Mawi’s iSWAB technology, we have found the perfect solution for our customers performing molecular analysis studies with human and animal samples,” said Nucleus Biotech’s Managing Director Michael Ehret. ”iSWAB enables non-invasive, location-independent collection of any biosample (DNA, RNA, proteins, cells, microbiomes) without having to worry about sample stability and integrity. Both are critical for sensitive applications such as next generation sequencing and quantitative polymerase chain reaction, a technology used for measuring DNA.”

About Mawi DNA Technologies

Mawi DNA Technologies has developed and commercialized the iSWAB technology, an innovative system for collection of biosamples. Our flagship product iSWAB-DNA has gained significant market traction due to its ability to be used for animals and all human population segments from infants to the elderly, with robust DNA yield and low bacterial DNA content. iSWAB-Microbiome has gained worldwide acceptance as a superior collection technology for COVID-19 samples. Mawi DNA has expanded its offerings to include collection technologies for intact cells and whole blood. For more information, visit

About Nucleus Biotech

Nucleus Biotech GmbH (Heidelberg) provides core reagents and services for life science research in academia and industry. The company is working with selected suppliers and offers highly innovative tools for genomics and proteomics studies with a strong focus on enabling technologies. For more information, please visit:

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