K Health Launches Its Personalized Hypertension Treatment Algorithm Powered By Mayo Clinic Platform Insights

NEW YORK–()–Clinical AI-powered healthcare company K Health announced today a new collaboration with Mayo Clinic’s digital healthcare initiative, Mayo Clinic Platform, which harnesses new knowledge, solutions and technologies to improve patients’ lives. Primary Care clinicians practicing on K Health’s virtual platform will be able to use a predictive model based on real-time insights from Mayo Clinic’s de-identified medical data to treat hypertension more accurately and efficiently.

Despite hypertension being one of the most common chronic conditions in the U.S. and globally, finding the optimal treatment can be complex and involve multiple medication or lifestyle changes. K Health has built an algorithm that leverages clinical insights from Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover to offer clinicians a more targeted, intelligent, personalized approach for treating hypertension. The real-time model curates de-identified Mayo Clinic patient data from Discover, which includes demographics, medical history, lab results, medications prescribed, outcomes, and more.

“It is amazing to think that doctors located all over the U.S. can access knowledge from Mayo Clinic clinicians to combat one of our country’s most dire Primary Care conditions,” said Ran Shaul, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of K Health and Hydrogen Health. “Together with Mayo Clinic Platform we want to change the way people receive healthcare, and we can’t wait to see what other conditions we can treat with the Discover product as part of our algorithm solution.”

With over one hundred board-certified internists practicing on its platform, K Health is one of the largest virtual Primary Care providers in the country. Virtual care is an innovative, effective option to remove the barrier of access to care, speeding up diagnosis and enhancing patient experience.

“Powered by the knowledge and analytical tools provided by Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover, K Health is deriving key insights and demonstrating the power of technology to improve and accelerate better, more personalized care for as many people as possible,” said Steven Bethke, Vice President Product Portfolio, Mayo Clinic Platform. “Starting with hypertension, K Health’s clinical and data science teams will unlock innovation using Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover to create a novel way to reduce the time between the diagnosis and treatment.”

K Health has clinicians licensed in 48 states practicing on its platform. The growing team of internists are being utilized to meet the extensive demand from the millions served through K Health and its enterprise solution Hydrogen Health, which makes K Health available via employers and insurers. It currently has over six million users, and is also offered to millions of members through Anthem.

“With less trial and error when it comes to hypertension treatment, we have the potential to not only improve quality of life and outcomes, but also decrease medical costs for thousands of people,” said Dr. Edo Paz, Cardiologist and VP of Medical at K Health. “This novel platform will give clinicians practicing on the K Health platform a way to more confidently and efficiently treat their patients.”

About K Health

K Health is the data-driven digital primary care platform on a mission to use the power of shared medical knowledge to get everyone access to better, affordable healthcare—whenever, wherever they need it. Named to the 2022 FastCompany World’s Most Innovative Companies list and the 2020 and 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 lists, K Health is a free mobile and web app that uses AI to help people understand how those with similar symptoms and conditions (aka “People Like Me”) were diagnosed and treated. Its platform consolidates the knowledge of thousands of doctors and billions of clinical data insights from collaborations with Mayo Clinic Platform, Maccabi Healthcare Services, and more to get people trusted information and treatment fast. K Health also offers, through affiliated professional entities, the option to chat with a clinician without insurance for less than a copay. K Health treats hundreds of urgent and primary care conditions, as well as anxiety and depression, and offers remote custom treatment plans and prescriptions.

K Health, headquartered in New York, has helped over six million people get access to higher quality and affordable care. K Health is available to employers and insurers through Hydrogen Health, an enterprise solution and joint venture between Anthem, Blackstone, and K Health. It is available in all U.S. states, except Alaska and Hawaii. For more information, please visit www.khealth.com or download the app.


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