#5QQ to Yigal Aviv, CEO DOCERE: Quick Business Insights from Industry Leaders

#5QQ to Yigal Aviv, CEO DOCERE: Quick Business Insights from Industry Leaders

In this interview, Yigal Aviv, CEO at DOCERE, shares insights into DOCERE’s mission to enhance patient care and provider efficiency through customized solutions. He discusses DOCERE’s unique capabilities in digital customer experience, pharmaceutical data management, medical content creation, and AI applications. Yigal elaborates on DOCERE’s agile approach and expertise in generative AI, addressing regulatory challenges and delivering timely solutions. He also highlights the transformative partnership with ScribeMD and their impact on healthcare communication and efficiency, reflecting DOCERE’s commitment to innovation in the healthcare sector.

What is DOCERE’s mission and core strategy in enhancing the care experience and positively impacting treatment success

DOCERE’s mission is to enhance the care experience by delivering and integrating customised solutions that positively impact treatment success. This approach aims to improve the health and quality of life for patients and their loved ones while reducing stress and burnout among healthcare providers.

What unique capabilities and expertise does DOCERE’s team bring to the table, setting it apart in the healthcare industry, particularly in digital customer experience, pharmaceutical data management, medical content creation, and advanced applications of data science and AI?

DOCERE distinguishes itself through its team’s diverse expertise.

The team includes professionals with over 20 years of experience in digital customer experience and data management in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as experts in medical content writing and editing for both patients and healthcare providers.

Additionally, the company has individuals with extensive knowledge in data science and the development of solutions using large language models and generative AI.

This unique blend of talents enables DOCERE to create innovative and effective solutions for healthcare organisations and pharmaceutical companies, aiming to improve patient care, communication, and HCP’s and Patient engagement.

What specific benefits does DOCERE offer through its agile approach and expertise in generative AI, particularly in navigating regulatory requirements and delivering timely solutions to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals?

We are agile!

One of DOCERE’s significant advantages is its agility in quickly and efficiently adapting to the needs of its clients.

A major similarity among team members is their extensive expertise in using generative AI in their daily work and deliveries.

Since its inception in mid-2023, DOCERE has demonstrated its ability to deliver solutions rapidly and effectively, fully understanding and accommodating the regulatory and compliance constraints of its clients.

This responsiveness and continuous adaptation have proven particularly valuable in our work with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, making quick adjustments and delivering timely solutions a hallmark of our service.

What are the main challenges DOCERE faces in managing client demand and project timelines, particularly in light of regulatory requirements, and how does the company address these challenges effectively?

The biggest challenge DOCERE faces is keeping pace with the expanding demand from its clients while managing prolonged projects due to regulatory requirements and extensive administrative tasks.

On the one hand, DOCERE is growing in the number of clients and solutions it needs to provide; on the other, it deals with lengthy project timelines caused by constraints beyond its control.

This dual pressure requires balancing the delivery of new solutions with the management of ongoing projects that are delayed by regulatory hurdles.

How has the partnership with ScribeMD enhanced DOCERE’s capabilities and impacted its mission in the healthcare sector?

The partnership between DOCERE and ScribeMD has significantly strengthened DOCERE’s ability to deliver innovative solutions and enhance communication in the healthcare sector.

DOCERE is now the sole distributor of the advanced ScribeMD platform in Israel, and we hope in other markets in the future bringing AI-assisted medical scribing to healthcare professionals.

This collaboration introduces the first Speech-to-Text in Medical Hebrew, improving efficiency and accuracy in medical documentation.

By leveraging ScribeMD’s technology, DOCERE empowers healthcare providers to focus more on patient care while ensuring secure and compliant data handling, thus improving the care experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

This alignment exemplifies DOCERE’s vision and mission. Nowadays, we are working on additional Generative AI solutions to expand our portfolio.


Thank you Yigal!