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INNOVATION: The Writing on The Wall

Saving monies on generics does not negate the capitalization required to continually feed/field pioneering innovation of new classes of meds needed to architect/change/alter disease state change globally. Generics are not innovation.

Change/Innovation is near impossible to orchestrate and nearly always requires sacrifice with great due diligence and due care. The Pharmaceutical Industry is not exempt from this hardness of life and particularly the business marketplace.

We need new classes of pharmaceuticals to continue the fight to increase our overall global health. For instance, we have heard of beta blockers, ace inhibitors, and statins. These are classes of medicines with the statins beginning in the late 80’s. We can use generics, but monies must be there to continually launch new classes. This is 2017 and a great distance in time from the late 80’s. Again generics are not innovation; new classes are innovation.

Similarly, let us discuss the results of lack of innovation. There has not been an antibiotic innovation since the 80’s. Please see

Excerpted: “Since the late 1980s there has been a lack of antibiotic innovation. Only two new classes of antibiotics meeting unmet needs reached the market in the last 20 years. This is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, new antibiotics have proven to be very hard to discover. Secondly, generating the data required for regulatory approval of a new antibiotic is difficult and expensive. Finally, antibiotics offer an unattractive return on investment to the private sector: revenues from antibiotics sales tend to be low, and higher revenues are often possible in other disease areas. In 1980, there were more than 25 large, pharmaceutical companies with active antibacterial drug discovery programs; today only four remain.”

My intent is not to bash anyone in this discussion, but to only point out we need pharmaceutical innovation. If antibiotic efficacy is wavering as shown by current culture and sensitivity reports and there is a lack of therapeutic choices in the pipeline, we must be supportive of our pharmaceutical houses with innovative research. I have just had a UTI. The FNP did not choose Cipro because E coli had very little efficacy in my geographical area. She chose Augmentin 875/125. We all want an efficacious antibiotic if we are in need. I am mortified with potential need of an antibiotic and not having one that will cover the perpetrating pathogen. In fact, I remember when the class of Quinolones were launched. Thus, I have lived the class launch and have seen the reduction of efficacy. This is the writing on the wall. “We Must Have INNOVATION”.

Further, the innovation of the statins was in the late 80’s as well. “Statins are the cornerstone of treatment to help regulate cholesterol production”. Again, this is 2017. Generics are not INNOVATION. Generics truly save money and are therapeutically efficacious, but are not satisfying our global need for innovative development of therapeutic classes in response to our daunting growing disease state. From a marketing perspective, it always costs great dollars to be the first entry in the marketplace with a game changer innovation. Nonetheless, this is the “Standard of Business Excellence”.

Thus, let us examine PCSK9 Inhibitors: A New Class of Cholesterol Busters. “The PCSK9 inhibitors (PSK9i) are a newer class of injectable drugs that have been shown to dramatically lower LDL cholesterol levels, by up to 60% when combined with a statin”. The PCSK9 Inhibitors are a new class. New classes of medicines are INNOVATION.

The wherewithal and desire to lead the medical marketplace with innovation is a necessity for all global constituents and stakeholders. Thus, we must nurture the “Standard of Business Excellence” seen in major pharmaceutical players as AstraZeneca and others and not deter and take away from their innovative thrust to meet our global health needs.

This is authored to support Pharmaceutical Innovation as a need to our daunting global health concerns for all concerned constituents of all nations and peoples.

I am Nancy Southerland. I am eager to serve you.

Please see my LinkedIn “Business Excellence”. We are all in this TOGETHER!

Thank you AstraZeneca for INNOVATION!

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