Improving The Communication Between Drug Reps and Doctors

What does it mean to be a drug rep / medical representative? What is this magical profession about, that forces all managers, executives and CEOs to stop for a while and direct efforts towards providing better opportunities for knowledge and professional skills increase of field force? The reason is that the drug reps are a bridge between pharma companies and doctors. What`s more, they represent the interests of pharma companies and work on achieving better sales results, which obviously are connected with the degree of their professionalism.

“Your medical reps are the face of your brands and a key conduit to your customers. So it’s critical that they represent your company – and your products – in a compelling, highly differentiated way.”

So how can you improve the communication skills of your drug reps, train your field force team and add new successful stories to the book of your company’s achievements? Here are a compilation of seven case studies to drive your field forces and sales team performance.

1. Develop customer-focus sales structure

The market situation has directed communication toward consumer-model. Sales reps should shift to the latest methods of extended interactions between customers. The power of individualized interaction has been spreading over time, so there is need to make structural changes in the whole new way and find new driven approaches to the customers. Integration of technology can be of great help in many ways for a sales representative to turn to the patient-oriented system, to reach target audience at any time and delivered required information – so easy and so reliable. In addition, it influences building of prolonged, continuing relationships with customers.

2. More than just a training

To increase sales force knowledge by organizing training, meeting, expert event specially for team of representatives is a good idea, however, it has its own hidden “stones”. Sales reps forget up to 79% of new information within 30 days (Qstream). High-tech digital world gives such a lot of fresh opportunities for both team managers and sales/medical representatives to have a better understanding and even deeper insights into almost all process during work. With available digital solutions sales reps can improve their knowledge and strengthen skills just in a few minutes. Answering scenario-based questions several times a week and remembering information contributes to filling the gaps and continually improves professional knowledge of the employee.

e-Learning delivers learning opportunities for sales people at flexible times.

3. Keep your team motivated

“The number one way to improve efficiency of your sales team is to keep people motivated. If you keep them motivated, they feel valued. In order to let them know you truly value them and their opinion, it’s important to ask for and appreciate their input.”

Great piece of motivation is always inspiring for every person. Try to motivate them in all possible way. There is no better thing, that the belief of team leader in colleagues. A good manager should be able to motivate people to work and be sure of future results. Colleagues are peers and the whole company – a community, a family. Turn everyday work in enjoying process. Indeed, if to inspire employees to see real future goals and results, they will, undoubtedly, work harder, paying attention to every detail.

4. Empower sales reps with high-quality content

The Research shows that 35% of sales reps spend time preparing materials, 33% said that they frequently could not find the material they need. Most of their time is spent preparing to the call, finding necessary resources and information – it means less time and efforts on the call (Brainshark). However, powerful content with POSM (Point of Sale Materials) and other materials, gathered on one device is what they absolutely need. Additionally, engaging, interactive up-to-date presentations is what each medical representative needs for successful visit to the pharmacists. Empower your med reps with content – they will have even more opportunities to involve the doctors into the dialogues and excite the curiosity of the products or services.

Fun Fact: Where do reps prepare for meetings?

During travel – 64%

Out side the doctor’s cabin – 58%

At a coffee shop – 52%

In the bathroom – 27%

5. Assemble all reps together to speak about daily issues

Each medical representative gains his or her own expertise, has faced numerous tricky situations during the working process, on the call, communication with the pharmacists and physicians. Consider assembling them in one place and share experience, thoughts and opinions towards major issues.

6. Make work more efficient with technologies

Technological solutions enable med reps to do more things during the same period of time and in a more effective way. Your field force can deliver instant messages, engage physicians into efficient conversation and gather instant commentaries and feedback. With a special tools and systems, your drug rep can plan the day and know about all future calls to be better prepared.

7. Valuable conversation

One of the most important thing in communication with customers – delivering them value, but not wasting their time – clear, understandable and trustful. Each customer is not a goal, but an individual with interests, preferences.






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