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The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group (TPMG) is a pharma and life science-oriented, small boutique marketing agency, set up in 2007. We established the first and largest professional pharma community on LinkedIn, with 200,000 members across several networks.

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s a case study, a business success, or even a failure. We can help you share your story through content including interviews, articles, webinars or promotional campaigns across our own networks. Each service is personalized for every client - as a small agency we can tailor your package to exactly match your business goals. Take a look at how we can help you below.

Our services

Targeted marketing digital campaigns

Share your story

Run a promotional campaign to promote your business. With over ten years’ experience running social media and digital campaigns for our clients, and the largest pharma community on LinkedIn, we can increase your brand awareness and generate leads.

Let us find your audience.

Personal Branding Strategy

Become a thought-leader

As a Featured Writer, you will have your own newsletter and page on our site, and we will actively promote your articles via our channels. Don't miss the chance to boost your personal brand recognition and increase your visibility.

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High quality lead generation in life sciences

Generate leads with a webinar

Make webinars work for your business with our Webinar Production and Promotion service. We will help you create an engaging webinar whatever your business goals are. Generate high quality leads that are ready to become clients.

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Our resources

Raise your business profile with The Guide

Feature your company in The Pharmaceutical Marketing Guide - your pharma business directory and industry meeting point. Add your company profile for free or check our special plans. Navigate people straight to your business!

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Join our community

We are the first and biggest pharma group on LinkedIn with over 130,000 members, with a total network of 200,000 members in the pharmaceutical community worldwide.

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