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GoLiver Therapeutics to Launch Its € 2M Industrial Manufacturing Platform Project Aimed at Developing a Liver Biomedicine From Pluripotent Stem Cells

NANTES, France–()–GoLiver Therapeutics, a start-up developing cell therapy products, has just received a one million euros grant from the French Government to support investment and to boost the competitiveness of French industry.

A groundbreaking/pioneering treatment for liver diseases avoiding transplants

GoLiver Therapeutics, which has developed a biomedicine consisting of an injectable solution of allogeneic and frozen liver cells, aims to market regenerative medicine products at an affordable price and very low production cost. This €2 million investment, 50% of which is supported by France, partly finances this crucial step, and also welcomes the deployment of biomanufacturing capacities in France, which are essential for securing supplies of therapeutic solutions.

The cell therapy developed by GoLiver Therapeutics offers regenerative medicine to treat:

– Severe liver failure with no therapeutic solution other than liver transplantation, the only possible curative treatment for end-stage liver disease as for now;

– Chronic liver diseases such as Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH).

By allowing patients to live without a liver transplant and with their own regenerated liver, GoLiver Therapeutics’ therapeutic solution will relieve the healthcare system of its shortage of transplants and will also allow the reallocation of transplants to others. Finally, the start-up expects to drastically reduce the cost per patient.

The start-up will now scale up the production of its biomedicine in order to manufacture on a large scale and produce clinical batches. These will enable the company to advance its application for a Phase I/IIa clinical trial, for which a partnership agreement has already been signed with Paul Brousse Hospital, the leading liver transplant center in France.

Cell therapy today is a bit like mRNA 10 years ago: great potential, but a new pharmaceutical industry had to be built, and this did not make investors dream, whereas today it has made it possible to develop the first vaccines against COVID-19 in record time. We believe that cell therapy, and pluripotent stem cells in particular, will revolutionize patient care. While we primarily focus on liver diseases, our cell therapy may offer solutions for the treatment of other organs. We hope to attract visionary and audacious investors like us” said Tuan Huy Nguyen, CEO of GoLiver Therapeutics.


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