Free Webinar: Earn Patients Trust in the New Reality with Sanofi, UCB, Accenture and CANCER101

As lives were upended by the COVID-19 pandemic and its ripple effect globally, the world looked to the pharmaceutical industry to come to the rescue and develop effective vaccines. A number of pharmaceutical companies responded decisively to the challenge by developing, testing, and delivering new vaccines in record time. These herculean efforts had the potential to be a ‘pivot point’ in reinforcing the value of pharmaceutical companies to healthcare and society. However, this hoped-for recognition hinges on an overarching challenge long plaguing the industry: trust.

Trust has been tarnished across healthcare over the years, influencing the decisions and actions that patients take. Additionally, patients’ lack of trust in the pharmaceutical industry is not new. This deep-seated mistrust not only affects patients’ perceptions of pharma, but it also affects their healthcare decisions, as evidenced by a significant portion of the population choosing not to get the COVID-19 vaccine out of mistrust. Reuters Events have brought together leaders from across the spectrum for an interactive webinar session (9am Eastern Time, 24th March).

To better understand the trust gap and its impact on healthcare, this interactive event will examine the following topics:

  • How is a lack of trust impacting healthcare?
  • What is the pharmaceutical industry’s role in rebuilding trust?
  • Where do we go from here to make an impact in this new existence?

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The four panelists sharing their expertise are:

  • Whitney Baldwin, Lead of the Patient Experience Center of Excellence, Accenture
  • Sarah Krug, Founder & CEO, Health Collaboratory and CANCER101
  • Melissa Dupont, Patient Engagement Lead, Sanofi
  • Margaret Alabi, Patient Advocacy Lead for US Immunology, UCB

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We hope you enjoy the session and takeaway actionable insights to maximize the benefits of this new and exciting digital landscape.

Thanks to Paul Bergamini, Global Project Director Pharma Reuters Events for sharing this webinar. Contact for more information.

Kind regards,

Lucy Muñiz
The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group

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