Executive Summary: Where is Pharma Going?

Hear what 1,365 of your peers had to say
Last April, Omnipresence asked 1,365 industry professionals their opinion about COVID’s impacts and what this all means for life sciences in the months and years to come. In collaboration with Reuters Pharma, a 30+ page report was released detailing the findings of this survey.

The executive summary of the Post-COVID Pharma Report is finally available!

Now you can easily get up to date with the most valuable insights and learnings of over 1000 life sciences professionals on multiple industry topics, including:

  • Commercial’s ability to deliver virtual engagement
  • Gaps in the most commonly used CRMs as well as in data and analytics capabilities
  • The rise of Medical Affairs and the need to rethink its engagement with HCPs
  • Impacts on R&D and the need to obtain RWE in new ways
  • Shifting payer priorities in light of pandemic

Learn what your peers believe will be the future of pharma.

Access the Executive Summary 

Lucy Muñiz
The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group