Digital companions – the future of holistic patient support


Adherence can no longer be the solitary focus of patient support. If we want treatment it be successful, it is our duty to care for our patients holistically. Ever more so in the current environment of increased uncertainty, confusion and fear. It is our duty to find agile and proactive approaches that can anticipate changing patient needs and support patient journeys beyond individual treatments.

The solution? AI empowered digital health companions.

Join Reuters Events Pharma’s latest webinar Digital companions – the future of holistic patient support to hear how Otsuka, Ferring, Medisafe and Accenture have built patient support programmes using new digital innovations to educate, increase adherence, provide reassurance and holistically support patients throughout the COVID crisis.

Discover how you can:

Design unique patient journeys: Apply the principles of behavioural science to create personal patient journeys and provide support beyond individual treatments
Employ AI to improve adherence: Use data driven rules to anticipate needs and provide timely interventions around common behaviours
Build agile support programmes: Provide immediate and flexible support that can respond to changing patient needs through a continuous digital relationship and augment existing patient support programs
Protect lives, provide reassurance, and educate patients: Incorporate educational content and community support into treatment to allay fears and reduce mismanagement
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