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Dante Labs Launches Whole GenomeH, the First Human Whole Genome Sequencing Test With Hybrid Genome Assembly

L’AQUILA, Italy–()–Dante Labs announced today the launch of the most advanced and accurate whole genome sequencing test ever, the first one to leverage hybrid assembly at scale. The new test, named Whole GenomeH, provides a new genome assembly for each individual sequencing its genome, providing better alignment, superior detection of any type of variants, and better discoverability for the hard-to-reach regions of the DNA such as triplet expansions.

The hybrid genome GenomeH allows to expand the genetic conditions included in the study of the human whole genome.

“GenomeH is consistent with our mission to bridge the gap between science and everyday life in genomics,” Dante Labs CTO Mattia Capulli says. “Short reads and long reads together combine the benefits of the two technologies. The hybrid assembly is a synergy between two different ways to read the DNA, which compensate one another and dramatically enhance the understanding of the power of the genome.”

The test was developed in-house, in Dante Labs state-of-the-art European sequencing center, using both Illumina NovaSeq and Oxford Nanopore PromethION technologies.

“Today we are closer to the perfect world where all genetic tests will be based on whole genome sequencing,” Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati says. “The team worked hard in these past months to develop new approaches to sequencing and to train our algorithms to map short reads to long reads, outperforming any precision and accuracy level that we witnessed before. We are proud to offer this service just below $2,000 for the benefits of scientific research, medical practice, healthcare and individuals.”

The price of Whole GenomeH is $1,999 or €1,799.



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