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CB Therapeutics Advances its Intellectual Property Portfolio with New Patent Award for its Bioinformatics Platform

SAN DIEGO–()–CB Therapeutics is a leading synthetic biotechnology company focused on the research and development of cellular agriculture for the production of cannabinoids, tryptamines and other therapeutics to advance Neuroscience. CB Therapeutics has been awarded a patent for its Bioinformatics platform for the creation and annotation of libraries of biosynthetic pathway genes from next generation sequencing data. The processing and analyzing large amounts of raw biological data from diverse organisms is a significant bottleneck for gene discovery and biosynthetic pathway elucidation. By accelerating this process and increasing the breadth of organisms studied, CB Therapeutics can drastically improve success in the efficient production of high-value natural products in microorganisms.

“Our patented software allows us to process raw biological data and search for new enzymes in an unlimited number of data sets simultaneously, through the use of a streamlined, next generation assembly pipeline and parallelized cloud computing,” states Tyrone Yacoub, PhD., Senior Bioinformatician at CB Therapeutics. “This automation increases both the breadth and depth of our bioinformatics platform.”

CB Therapeutics continues to grow their intellectual property portfolio with this patent award as well as multiple pending applications across the tryptamine and cannabinoid space. They continue to improve their science, platform and production process to research and develop therapeutics for the clinic and the market to meet some of mankind’s most challenging social and mental healthcare problems.

“By advancing our gene discovery and enzyme engineering efforts with this patent, we can accelerate enzyme discovery to yield higher functioning, patentable enzymes that will support every project in our pipeline and provides us with a distinct advantage over competitive platforms,” stated Jacob Vogan, CSO of CB Therapeutics. “We are now uniquely positioned to serve CROs to meet the demands of clinical patient supply requirements through the development of custom production process technologies to support and efficiently scale drug product manufacturing.”

About CB Therapeutics

CB Therapeutics, Inc., located in San Diego, California, is a biotechnology company focusing on the innovative production of high value molecules and therapeutic compounds for Neuroscience utilizing many different types of hosts and systems, including yeast, bacteria and cell-free expression systems. CB Therapeutics’ expertise in synthetic genomics, bio-engineering and cellular production processes can produce a broad range of phytochemicals faster, more sustainably, at greater yields and with higher purity, consistency and efficiency than competitive platforms. The CB Therapeutics platform can not only make the active compounds and phytochemicals that occur naturally, but by using enzymatic processes CB Therapeutics has been able to create bio-identical compounds as well as their analogs. These analog compounds may prove to be more effective, targeted and safer for therapeutic purposes.


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