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Fred Geyer

Five Debilitating Myths of Digital Pharma Marketing

Five Debilitating Myths of Digital Pharma Marketing Pragmatic, informed digital marketing makes measurable gains in adoption and adherence. By Fred Geyer, Senior Partner at Prophet Digital pharma...

It’s Time to Rethink Drug and Device Launch

Marketers Must Respond to How Physicians Are Reshaping the Product Launch Landscape  A fundamental shift in how physicians learn about and evaluate new drugs...

How AI Will Transform Life Sciences Marketing

Big data and artificial intelligence continues to transform the healthcare industry. Learn how life sciences marketing should prepare for opportunities and implications.

Is Pharma Ready for Healthcare Consumerism?

A groundbreaking study among top executives of hospital systems, payers and life science companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia has revealed a pending...


Pharma brand and experience management is in the midst of a radical shift to take advantage of a rapidly digitizing healthcare ecosystem. Pharma brands have unique opportunity to become living asset for physicians, patients and employees. Those brands that embrace this opportunity will win, and will stand out for their relevance.

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