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Impetus Digital Green Team named PM360 ELITE Environmental Champions

Press Release Contact: Cecilia Petrus, Communications Director / Green Team Leader cpetrus@impetusdigital.com www.impetusdigital.com IMPETUS DIGITAL GREEN TEAM NAMED ONE OF THE 2022 PM360 ELITE 100 Toronto, ON, May 17, 2022...

Rare Diseases at Roche: Combining science and alliances to find breakthroughs in rare diseases

One of the biggest events in the rare disease calendar – the Huntington Disease Society of America annual convention – is taking place this week, the...

A Pharmaceutical Launch Opportunity:​ Science, Art or Alchemy?

A publisher friend recently suggested I write down what I knew about launching pharmaceutical brands, to help new marketers who may have been handed...

Addition by Subtraction

Addition by Subtraction? Sounds paradoxical? Unbelievable? Consider what Lao Tzu, the great Chinese philosopher said 2,500 years ago. Here is the essence of what he said: To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, subtract things everyday. Profit comes from what is there, and usefulness comes from what is not there.

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