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Biotech Proteintech announces new line of highly validated conjugated antibodies

ROSEMONT, Ill.–()–Proteintech, the benchmark in antibodies and proteins, announces the launch of over 500 antibodies directly conjugated with high-performance CoraLite®488 and CoraLite®594 dyes.

The rapid expansion of biomarkers and microscopic methods has led to an increased demand for multiplex imaging of specific proteins. Unfortunately, it is technically challenging to image using more than 2 unconjugated antibodies. To solve this issue, Proteintech now offers its same KD/KO validated and highly published antibodies in an off-the-shelf directly conjugated form to CoraLite® dyes.

“It is great to be able to save our customers’ time by offering our highly validated products that are conjugated for their immediate use,” said Jeff Lee, Proteintech Chief Operating Officer, “we plan to continue to grow this portfolio with daily launches of new conjugations.”

Proteintech’s CoraLite® conjugated antibodies have the most validation in the market, including genetic manipulation to confirm specificity. Having highly validated, specific antibodies directly conjugated to dyes simplifies multiplex imaging and accelerates the immunostaining procedure. CoraLite® dyes fluoresce at the most frequently excitation wavelengths of 488 and 594 nm to integrate easily into the majority of fluorescent microscope workflows. They are high performance dyes with identical activity as the leading competitor. For a product listing, please visit

About Proteintech Group

Proteintech is an antibody manufacturer selling directly to scientists and only selling its own products to maintain the highest level of quality control leading to superior reproducibility and lot consistency. With over 2/3 of the human genome completed, we have a catalog of over 12,000 antibodies against 12,000 targets covering almost complete spectrum of research areas. With its acquisition of Humanzyme, Proteintech now offers the Humankine product line of animal-free human-cell expressed proteins. To view tens of thousands of publications and in-house validation images in WB, IHC, IF, FC, IP, CHIP, Knock-down siRNA using our antibodies and to learn more about Proteintech and their mission to deliver products directly from their bench to the researcher’s bench, please visit


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