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We believe digital marketing is all about sharing your story

We help our clients to create and INCREASE brand AWARENESS and social engagement on LinkedIn and all of our networks.

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group (TPMG) is a pharma and life science-oriented, small boutique marketing agency, set up in 2007. We established the first and largest professional pharma community on LinkedIn, with 250,000 members across several networks.

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s a case study, a business success, or even a failure. We can help you share your story through content including interviews, articles, webinars or promotional campaigns across our own networks.

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We can provide a complete service tailored to your needs. We are experts in content marketing and social media marketing, working with our own largest professional pharma community.

Each service is personalized for every client - as a small agency we can tailor your package to exactly match your business goals. Take a look at how we can help you in our services and resource sections.

That makes us the most affordable and accessible option on the market.

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